Guide to Delete Apps in Mac Quickly


We use and install different types of Apps on Mac Pc to make the utilities and accessibilities better. If there are some apps on your mac that are of no use then uninstallation and deletion are better. Want to know how to uninstall apps on Mac?

Use 6 Quick Methods to Delete apps in Mac

The blog posts content about all the possible and effective methods to answer the query on how to delete the apps in Mac. Read the post till the end and understand the methods and accessibility use the apps and remove the unnecessary files and applications from Mac PC.

Delete Apps from a mac using Launchpad

Either we install the apps from the web or we download the apps from the App Store. To uninstall the apps from the Appstore, access the Launchpad. 

  • You can search the Launchpad from the search bar and open it. 
  • Hold any app for a long while, automatically the app starts shaking.
  • Navigate to the program icon that is of no use, click the cross button.

Delete By Finder

  • Finder has an inbuilt uninstaller tool to remove unnecessary files and folders from the Mac PC. If you have downloaded any app from the internet and you want to delete this app use Finder. Navigate to the Finder App on your dock.
  • On the left side, you have different options to explore and go to Applications.
  • Click the App you want to uninstall.
  • Drag it by mouse to the Trash where all the deleted items are stored. Select and right-click you want to delete. Select option Move to Trash.

Third-party Uninstallers

You can uninstall apps from Mac using the third-party uninstallers software and application. App Cleaner can do this thing for you. 

  • Download this app on your app and access the functionalities delete the apps.
  • Access the App Cleaner Window and drag any app to this to delete the app and remove it from Mac.
  • To download the App cleaner app visit the official website of AppCleaner. 
  • The app does not ask for any download or subscription fee. Select the latest version to download the app on your Mac. Look for the device compatibility for smooth functioning and accessibility.

You can access the app cleaner software files in downloads. Open it to run the installer and complete the setup. You can move this app to the Dock Application folder and access the features. The app will scan the files for quick health checkups and accessibility.

You can see all the files and folders, select which one you want to delete from the Mac. Check the boxes you want to delete. Once you’re done click to Remove. The app cleaner will remove all the selected files.

  • Delete mac PC Apps by Trash

One of the simpler ways to delete the app from the Mac PC is to move them in the Trash or Recycle Bin. You can select any app and arrange them in Trash. Access the Finder App’s new window. Open Application form panel located there. Command+Shift+A can do the same work for you. You can access the collection from both methods without hassle. Click and hold the app carefully to the trash and leave the cursor control.

Now visit again to the Trash. You can remove the items from here also and make the trash cleaner. Select the empty Trash option to clean up the Trash.

  • Delete apps in Mac using CleanMyMacX

We should clear the space of the Mac from time to time to maintain the process and functionality smoothly. If you have a shortage of space, CleanMyMacX is here for you to make a collection. This software tool is viable in free and paid versions. 

  • You can directly visit the site and download the free version.
  • Access this uninstaller.
  • Select the applications
  • Tick The boxes of all the files and apps you want to remove. 
  • Confirm the selection and hit Uninstall.
  • You can do the same process for Leftovers and clean the space.

You’ll get the free space to install new applications and improve the performance and process of mac.

You can access other features and other things from the side panel and select them to remove.

If all the methods failed or you are facing the difficulty to delete apps in Mac it is just because you may have left the app open. If you want to delete any apps in Mac, first close all the apps and files windows and now select the method which you want to use from the above-mentioned methods.

Another way to delete the apps in mac is by accessing the terminal and sending the commands to delete the files and folder typing their path.

The blog post tells you how to delete the app using third-party software, verified app uninstaller, inbuilt tools, and Trash. You can practice on anyone’s Mac and organize the clean collection. Hope you get the instruction correctly and this will make your PC experience better.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we delete the apps in Mac installed from the App store?

Yes, you can uninstall the apps on Mac easily. 

Is there any third-party tool or software to delete Mac PC Apps?

Yes, you can delete the app in Mac using AppCleaner you can download the software from the website.

What is the best app uninstaller on Mac?

You can download the Finder App and access its App Cleaner and App Remover feature to uninstall the Apps.

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