Government Ask Social Media Platforms To Check Rumours, Messages Encouraging Cyber Crimes

Social Media Platforms and rumours

The government has asked social media platforms like Google, Twitter, Whatsapp etc to take solid steps to keep a check on spreading of messages and rumours encouraging unrest, cyber crimes and other activities which could be damaging to national security. Apart from these platforms including Facebook and Instagram, have been asked to put a system for sharing of information which sought by the law enforcement agencies for the purpose of investigation.

There have been a number of cases in recent past where these social media platforms were used as a tool to spread hateful messages and rumours encouraging violence and crimes against women. However, these internet giants who are mostly headquartered outside the country have been resisting sharing the details of the customers and messages trials referring to privacy issues. There are some social media platforms which are taking necessary steps to stop the misuse of their platforms for spreading the fake rumours and hate messages.

In a meeting with representatives of various social media platforms, Union Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba asked them to nominate India-based grievance redressal officers and also to develop a monitoring mechanism for time-bound preventive and other actions for removing the objectionable content. Besides the representatives from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Whatsapp and Youtube there were officials from the Department of Telecom and different security agencies were also present. These social media representatives briefed the government officials about taking actionable steps to ensure blocking of the websites for the removal of malicious content from public view. All the social media platforms assured cooperation with the government officials.

There was a review meeting held by Union Home Secretary with the social media representatives in June, there have been many other meetings with law enforcement agencies and social media firms to ensure an effective mechanism to keep a check on misuse of these platforms.

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