Search Giant Google Has Come Up With A Good News For Android Users

Google Android Security Updates

Google has made it mandate for all the smartphones and tablets to get two years of Android security updates. As per the report by Verge, Google’s confidential contracts display that many manufacturers have explicit obligations about keeping their phone updated written into their contract with the Company. This contract reveals that Google’s Android partners mention that they must provide “at least four security updates” and this should happen within the first year of the launch of the device. Also in the second year, these security updates are mandated, But, without a mentioned minimum number of releases.

These terms of the contract are applicable to the devices which are launched after January 31, 2018, and it has been activated by more than 1,00,000 users. After July 31, 2018, these patching requirements were applied to 75% of the manufacturers’’ security mandatory models. Beginning from January 31, 2019, Google will need that all the security mandatory devices receive these updates. According to Verge, if the manufacturers do not keep their devices updated, Google could hold back approval of future devices, which could also keep them from being launched. However, No Google spokesperson confirm whether the contract will be valid for the smartphone devices across the global markets. But, they specified that the 90-day patches were a “minimum security hygiene requirement” and also added that many of the deployed devices for more than 200 android models from more than 30 android phone manufacturers are running a security update from last 90 days.

Also, Google recently announced that they will charge hardware firms up to $40 per device to use its apps under a new licencing system to replace the one that European Union this year considered anti-competitive. This new fee goes into effect on October 29 for any new devices may it be smartphone or tablet models launched in the European Economic Area and running the Android operating system.

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