Google+ Is Being Shut Down For Consumers After The Security Breach

Google Security Breach

As announced on Monday, the search giant will be shutting down Google+ for consumers as a part of data privacy measure. As previous security flaw disclosed the data of hundreds of thousands Google+ users’ data. The security bug was fixed earlier this year. But, Google has now decided to shut its seven-year-old service. In a blog post, the company said that the security bug was found and immediately fixed, but Google is not confirmed how many users were actually affected by the bug. According to a detailed analysis, it seems that around 5,00,000+ users’ data was affected.

Even though there was no evidence about this data being misused, Google did not disclose this news to the public out of fear that it would affect the reputation of the company. With a response to the incident now, the company is shutting down Google+ for its consumers. In a blog post, Google also mentioned that the consumer version of Google+ has low usage and engagement and more than 90% of the user sessions are less than 5 seconds. Google+ will have a 10 month winding up period and will finally shut down in August 2019. Also, Google will also limit the access provided to developers to use the data on Android as well as Gmail.  

The most recent changes assigned to the efforts by Google is called Project Strobe, this involved a third-party developer access to Google account. From now on functions such as backup services and productivity services will be able to gain the authorization. The company revealed the security bug two weeks after the news of the Facebook breach, but it happened earlier this year.

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