Google Assistant Bot Can Help You To Bargain During Flipkart’s Big Billion Days

Flipkart Big Billion Days ka Boss

Flipkart’s Big Billion Days are not just offering its customers a number of discounts and deals on various products, but it is also providing its customers with a bargaining experience using a bot from Google Assistant. Flipkart recently announced that they have partnered with Google Zoo, the creative think tank for agencies and brands. In order to launch its “Big Billion Days ka Boss”, Flipkart will daily introduce two new products for their customers. The customers looking for the latest products at the best price will be able to find that through voice-based conversation with Flipkart’s Haggle bot on Google assistant, is available on Android as well as iOS devices.

Based on the negotiation skill and also on how good the bargain is, the winner will get a free product. Also, the deal which is secured on each item will be the price of the product for everyone else as well. The limited edition deals will be available exclusively through the Haggle Bot. For this voice-based bot, Google Zoo worked very closely with Flipkart to provide the customers with the usual experience just like their local market. With this, Flipkart is trying to provide the customers with a unique experience by integrating this feature on online shopping platform.

Powered by Google Cloud Platform and built with Dialog Flow on Google Assistant, the bot uses Google’s usual language processing and machine learning skill. It is a great step to provide the customers with an experience which feels just as natural and responses very quickly.

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