Devialet’s Phantom Reactor: Tiny But Extremely Powerful Speaker

Devialet Mini Speaker

It is normal if a new speaker or a headphone is launched, the reason being the experience that they provide is similar. With a variety of speakers and headphones available in the market, there are only a few of them which gives you a “wow” experience. One of those speakers is Devialet’s Phantom Reactor. Coming from the company behind the Sky Soundbox and the Phantom hi-fi system, this tiny speaker is a mini version of its audiophile-grade home speaker, the Phantom Reactor. This mini speaker is a result of three years of research. It comes as Phantom 600 and Phantom 900. According to the claims of the company, the speaker is “ultra-compact” loudspeaker which provides the maximum volume of 98 dB SPL, which is possible because of 900W of peak power. The design of this mini speaker, is similar to the original phantom speakers, with two woofers and one full range speakers. The reactor is the quarter size of the original Phantom. The difference is that Phantom 600 has a power of 600W and Phantom 900 has 900W of power. The secret of Reactor is the bass. The top range of gold Phantom has an incredible 4500W power. Reactor takes everything from the Original Phantom. With the 900W of power, the Reactor is so small that it can fit in one hand. Despite being small, the speaker is capable of delivering sounds from 18 Hz to 21Khz, which means it will provide amazing sound experience.

The reactor is another formidable speaker by Devialet, though the starting price of the speaker will be £990 which is a little high to persuade those who are already looking at an alternative system. Pre-orders will begin on October 24, the exact availability is yet to be announced.

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