Astronomers create new theory of the origin of the solar system

Astronomers at the University of Chicago and Clemson at E: U, created a new theory of the origin of the solar system, claiming that it came into being through a cloud shell of gas and huge dust.

Until now they believed that our planetary system reached its formation billions of years ago near some supernova star.

At the University of Chicago and the University of Clemson (USA), astronomers presented new model by rapid-motion animation to explain the formation of the solar system. According to the work, our planetary system arrived at its origin in the interior of dense shell who formed it with a cloud of gas and enormous dust near the giant star Wolf-Rayet type.

Specifically the Wolf-Rayet stars are between 40 and 50 times larger than the Sun and around them can form structures similar to dense layers of bubbles from the gas and dust they emit, these structures also have the name of ‘Wolf-Rayet bubbles ‘

“The shell of the Wolf-Rayet bubbles is a good place for the appearance of stars, because dust and gas are trapped inside, where they can condense into stars,” said the study’s authors, the professor at the University of Chicago. Nicolas Dauphas.

The team estimates that 1% to 16% of all stars similar to the Sun could be formed in said stellar ‘nurseries’.

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