Wi-fi Router tips

Wi-Fi Tips: How To Increase Wi-Fi Speed, Know Which Wi-Fi Router Is Best

Commonly the speed of Wi-Fi turns out to be exceptionally delayed at home or in the workplace. However, there are a few hints through which you can speed up your Wi-Fi. Tell... Read more »

Facebook Trick: Is your data also being shared with Facebook? find out and stop

If you also think that your data is being shared, then you can easily find out. Not only this, you can also stop it with the help of Facebook feature. Let’s know... Read more »

“Dramatic” disappearance of the oldest baobabs in Africa

The vast majority of the oldest baobabs in Africa have been dying for the last ten years, alerting researchers on Monday that climate change is a possible cause of this “unprecedented scale”... Read more »

Instagram to stop alerting users of Story screenshots

Be careful if you tend to share annoying moments on Instagram: the social network will not send you any more warnings if your friends take screenshots of your stories. Before today, you... Read more »

Human represents 0.01% of life on Earth: study

For the first time, researchers have managed to put in figures the mass that represents life on Earth. Their results show not humanity respersents only a small percent of the total biomass.... Read more »

‘Active Shooter’ game lets players act out a school shooting

While a social debate on the carrying of firearms rages in the United States, a publisher will soon launch a video game placing the player in the role of an active shooter... Read more »

Amazon Sells Facial Recogniton Technology To Police Departments

Has the retail giant Amazon crossed an indefensible ethical line by selling its facial recognition program to a police department to potentially spy on all the inhabitants of a big city? The... Read more »

A waffle, an axe and 56 other emoticons for 2019

Are you more onion or garlic? White heart or blue square? The specialized site Emojipedia has just updated its list of images for the 2019 version of the official library of emoticons.... Read more »
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