A waffle, an axe and 56 other emoticons for 2019

Are you more onion or garlic? White heart or blue square? The specialized site Emojipedia has just updated its list of images for the 2019 version of the official library of emoticons.

Advertised emoticons include a yawning character, a female swimsuit, a guide dog, a waffle, a an axe and a motorized wheelchair.

Some of the most requested emoticons on Emojipedia are also in the list: the flamingo and the white heart.

However, this list may change and there is no guarantee that the proposed emoticons will be accepted by the Unicode consortium.

In addition, update 11 of the Unicode standard containing the 157 emoticons created for 2018 will be launched on June 5th. Most device makers, including Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft, are expected to offer OS updates including these emoticons by the end of the year.

The company might also provide further details about the incoming 2018 emojis in a press release later this summer, as it did on World Emoji Day last year, in addition to giving the iTunes Movies store an emoji-themed makeover.

Websites like Facebook and Twitter could offer the new icons as of June 5th.

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