Facebook Trick: Is your data also being shared with Facebook? find out and stop

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If you also think that your data is being shared, then you can easily find out. Not only this, you can also stop it with the help of Facebook feature. Let’s know how.
There has been a lot of ruckus about data sharing for some time now. Apple has added a feature in its recently released new update, through which no one can easily take your data, but no such feature has come for Android users yet. But with the help of a special feature in Facebook, you can refuse to take your data.

This tool will be helpful
Social media giant Facebook last year introduced a tool for its users, through which users can find out through which website or third party apps their data is being taken. The name of this tool is Off-Facebook Activity. With the help of this tool, you can curb data sharing. Let us know how this works.

Access this Off-Facebook Activity

For this, first login to your Facebook account.
Now tap on the three lines given in the top right side.
Here tap on Security & Privacy.
After doing this, click on Settings and go to Your Information
After doing this, click on the Off-Facebook Activity option.

find out like this

If you want to know which website or third party apps are accessing your data, then first tap on Off-Facebook Activity.
Here tap on Manage your Off-Facebook Activity.
Here you have to enter your password for verification.
After doing this, you will get a list of websites and third party apps that are linked to your account.

disable like this

If you want to disable Off-Facebook Activity for all websites and third party apps simultaneously, you can clear the history after the list appears. By doing this the entire list will be cleared.

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