Amazon Echo Auto Launched, Price Starts at Rs. 4999 in India

Amazon Echo Auto Launched, Price Starts at Rs. 4999 in India

With music streaming and smart speakers market quickly developing, Amazon has multiplied down on its efforts to make its Echo series of smart speakers and gadgets the default option in India. The organization has now released its most recent Echo product in India, the Amazon Echo Auto, at a cost of Rs. 4,999. The gadget is designed for in-vehicle use and empowers access to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant in the vehicle. Users will also have the option to stream music from any Alexa-linked streaming services.

Amazon Echo Auto is currently available for pre-order and will be released and delivered beginning January 15. The device connects with the 12V electrical attachment normally found in many vehicles and depends on an application on your cell phone for availability.
The device itself doesn’t have a speaker, and rather interfaces with your vehicle sound system utilizing a 3.5mm cable or Bluetooth for sound.

There are two buttons on the Echo Auto – an action button and a mic mute button – and indicator light at the front. The gadget is powered by a MediaTek MT7697 processor, and you can also the device for without hands voice-controlled access to your cell phone – calls, messages, and more.

Amazon currently has a number of Echo gadgets accessible in India, including late launches, for example, the Echo Input Portable, Echo Flex, and Echo Studio.

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