6 Factors that Impact the Mobile App Development Sector

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We all are using smartphones to connect with our friends and relatives. Many apps are downloaded on the smartphone to manage different types of tasks. We can order food through apps like Zomato, we can shop our favorite things using the shopping apps like Amazon, Limeroad, Myntra, etc.

Many health care apps are available that provide you door to door to medicare from a distance using the phone interface. 

The corona pandemic has forced people to manage their routine using digital and technology instruments. When offline things paused around the world these online applications have made things easier. You may have noticed the rapid growth in the development of mobile applications.

Many business owners have adapted the new way to drive their business while some are planning to implement it in their business to establish their brand in the market. While we think to develop any mobile application app we need to follow a step-by-step development cycle. Once the app is developed it needs to be approved and certified by authorities.

Major issues in the smartphone app development

In the IT industry, many startup firms are involved in mobile development. It is a very intense researched, well-planned process. One needs to be aware of every stage of the development phase. Many difficulties and barriers occur at different stages of mobile application development. If you want to make your business mobile app development easier. Major ones we are explaining below:

Platform and framework for app development

The applications are developed by adapting a framework and platform. The application functionality is managed by a set of codes written in a specific programming language. Each platform and framework possesses different functionalities and accessibility.

Before beginning the development phase, you need to decide on the platform and other programming aspects. You also need to consider the time that will spare for the development process. You also need to focus on the simple, easy to access, user interface, and design of the application.

You also need to determine the behavior of the business and how you will expand it in the future. 

The app should Responsive on all device

The screen resolution and look of any application are different for Desktop, Mobile, and tablet. While you are developing an app you need to look at the factor of responsiveness and device compatibility. So, users can easily interact with it. You should ensure that the app will be operated on an Android platform or iOS. Because the process of development will be distinct for both. Who is your audience? 

If the pixel density does not match the user’s expectation and the look is not as attractive as desired users will reject it.


Numerous mobile apps are available on the app store of Google and Apple. The star rating represents their popularity among the users. If any business wants to be successful in their field they need to show the potential and develop the interest to attract their users towards their product. 

Anyone can develop an app using any kind of framework but its success depends on the user-friendly interface, design, and ease of access. If the app is failed on any level, it will impact your brand position. You need to put in all your efforts, all the knowledge and all the accessibility and user expects from it. 

The success and position of any app depend on the research, analysis, and framework selection you do at the initial stage of the development life cycle. If all things are perfect and you successfully made the product. It’s time to introduce your product to the market and to connect with your users and audience.

When your audience base will increase, the rating will improve. You need to develop a strategy for the promotion to aware your audience about your product. You can take the help of any digital marketing experts so you can drive the attention of your audience effectively.


Whether you are launching a new product in the local market or developing any application on a virtual platform. You will need money. You can arrange it from any source. Many software developers, mobile application developers are available around the world that can provide you with the best interactive, user-friendly, business app but you need to ensure that they deliver quality services to their customers.

Locate a mobile application developer that can provide you with a premium quality product for your business at a low-cost. The app should be sustainable, reliable, and manageable so you can achieve top-notch customers across the targeted area.

You can associate many people with your product to collect the fund for the development of the product.

Positive negative feedback

Once the product is developed it is forwarded to the testing phase to measure the difficulties and errors. If any issue is found it is sent to developers again. You are developing this application product so multiple people can associate with your product. It is to make others benefited. Make sure your users do not get bored or irritated with the interface, functionalities, or look. Otherwise, they will uninstall it from their phone.

If it is complicated to navigate or other sorts of issues occur it will impact the rating. The reviews and feedback section tells a lot about your application, how is the performance, interactive or not, the compatibility factor, the functionality, etc. all these things are narrated by the users using your application.

Negative reviews directly impact the audience. You can make your app interactive by adding advanced plugins and functionalities. You need to think innovatively. How you can provide something different to your users.

No crash events

No app is 100% perfect, a bug is involved in it that becomes the reason for an app crash event or the application gets shut down automatically. Sometimes the improper database becomes the reason. These issues should be maintained during the testing phase.

The rate of app crash events affects the app performance and diminishes the position around the world. If the app shuts down multiple times, it will eat the battery, and you need to charge it in a short period. 

An app is considered as an excellent and high-performance based app if there are no bugs, no crashes, or consumes a significant space over the phone. It will increase the number of app downloads.

While you make your mind to develop the business app for your organization you should know that there are many other people also involved in the same business for the same purpose. They are your competitors; they are offering the same things to attract the audience in your area. 

Offer advance mobile user interface app

To make your brand recognized by your customers you need to offer something interesting and modern to leverage them with your app or product. It will encourage them to connect and access your app. Because of the lack of functionality and to not step ahead with the ongoing market changes many apps are deleted from the play store.

Plan a strategy, to get the attention of your audience by reducing the challenges and adapting the technological update. Collect the fund and give the responsibility to a proficient and skilled mobile app developer to develop a high-performance application product to drive your business effectively on an ideal budget.

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