6 Best Tips To Try On Smartphone


We are surrounded by gadgets and smart devices. They save a lot of time and make our life more comfortable than ever. Here, we are suggesting a few smart tips to get the most out of the details and status reports, and information on various ticks.

Do Smart Work With Your Smartphone 

Heart Rate Monitoring

We all buy wearable devices. Smartwatches, fitness watches have become a part of our lifestyle whether people use them frequently or not but they wear them to look stylish. Smart apps have decent features if you have an iPhone then you will not need a fitness smart band to check your heart rate. 

You can download Cardio: Heart Rate Monitor on your iPhone. Access your camera app and measure pulse reading. On the back camera of your phone, you can keep your index finger. When you do this an app will detect the color changes. You can see the status of pulse rate on your phone app screen.

You can install the app on your iPad and measure the pulse rate on that too.

Android phone users can install the heart rate monitor. Hold the phone steady and cover the camera with your finger to check the pulse rate.

Install Social Media Scheduling apps

We spend a lot of time socializing. Some users are only active on Instagram and post rando pictures, and shots of daily activities. While some are comfortable with Facebook. Professional users are generally active on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

This social post takes a lot of time to decide on a beautiful post, captions, and effects. If you are making a business and sharing your services and products over social media you can’t go one by one on each social media platform as it is so time-consuming. 

To make your work done in minimum time, install social media scheduling apps where you can list your projects and post the media files containing the text, images, video, etc. on all social media channels at the same time.

You just need to select your project and the post set the time, and be done. It will be posted at the desired time.

Shot upload and sell

Do you have a broad collection of smart gadgets, devices, electronics, or any other items?

If they are in good condition and one can use them then you can sell these stuff over your phone by doing a few simple clicks.

You can find various sites and apps like Olx and others that enable you access to sell old stuff online. You just need to click the picture of the gadget or any other product with all the specifications, you can also add your contact details of yours. When anyone searches to buy old stuff, your product will display with other listings and the interested person will contact you to buy the stuff. You can get a good price over this. 

Check legroom for flight seat

We have three modes of transportation: bus, train or flight and we can do the booking for all three mediums. We can check the related information, book the tickets, check PNR status, etc on apps.

How cool it would be to view the legroom for the booked seat. Google Flights is an excellent utility, where you can check the available flights for traveling to a desirable location. Many Google Chrome extensions are available that show the status seats with most and Mini legroom.

Legroom for GoogleFlights and Satguru.com are the two most common extensions that you install to your browser and access the details regarding the flight seat legroom.

Whenever you’ll search for flights it will show you can check the legroom around the seat you’ve selected.

Satguru.com gives a more clear view and information by displaying the map of the best legroom flight seats.

Sync emails for all devices

We receive and send so many emails during our day-to-day professional and personal online communication activities. If anytime your device gets disturned how will you access the important emails? 

Syncing your email on all devices is worth it so you can never get out of access to important emails due to multiple accounts. When you enable the sync you will be able to manage the email workflow over all devices and everything is in front of you whenever you want to access or read.

  • Go to settings of Gmail.
  • Then go-to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • Access the option of Pop for all emails and turn on the IMAP.
  • Proceed with Save Changes.

Check if there is any configuration link to confirm the action to retrieve mails from various platforms. The mail will be accessible to the same menu.

This action is needed when someone receives and it is getting hard to manage the workflow of third-party emails. You can easily make the email settings modification and sync the emails.

If you can’t access all the emails on your workspace email account then you need to contact the company’s server or ask the IT department. They will give you the desirable domain name and related information to access the mailbox over the various devices.

Hide Primary Email

Are you frustrated with shopping and promotional products spam mail?

This trick will give you relaxation from all of these annoying things. You can be mischievous in creating an instant unique email address whenever you need to sign up for promotional emails and newsletters. You just need to use + between the characters of your email.

Yahoo mail has a separate way to avoid email spamming through a disposable mail address.

By accessing the paid plans or advanced plans of iCloud, anyone can hide their email address and get access to anywhere being anonymous. If you don’t want to access the paid version then the free plan enables you to make and use three emails. 

It’s the end of the article. I hope you get some smart tips and will try them in your daily life.

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