Wordle: A sensational game across the world


Wordle has gone viral on all the social platforms and search engine queries. It has emerged as one of the best pastime informational enhancer tools. If you are an enthusiast of geography you’ll find it very fascinating.

Players need to identify the correct name of any region or country. It will give you the same feel as when we played in our childhood to track the location on a map or globe.

How Does the Wordle Function?

In this game, players can attempt 6 times for 1 task. The word is formed by 5 letters. If the guess is correct the color will change. Basically, you will see three colors in the game: Gray, yellow, and Green

The green color technically indicates that you have entered the right letter. Yellow indicates that the letter is present in the word but you need to place it in another place. While gray gives a clear idea of the unfit letter.

Whenever you will enter a letter the distance will also display in kilometers to let you know how close you are to your location. There is a series of boxes bling in green and yellow color. You can share your growth with other participants.

Use the #Wordle on Twitter to let other people know that you’re also in and progressed to this point.

The game has attracted a wide gamers base in a very short span of time. Many people are sharing their experiences and results on Twitter with their friends and followers and competing with each other.

The game is not that hard but you should have information about the regions and countries it will make things easier. To help the players, hints are also displayed in the middle of the puzzle. The letter will be positioned in tile and bling in different colors.

One puzzle stays for 24 hours and after 24 hours you will have a new puzzle task that you need to solve within 6 attempts with the hints and your geographical expertise.

The outlook of this game is developed by Josh Wardle. This game is good to enhance your mental ability and geographical knowledge. You need to spend a few minutes on this puzzle. 

You don’t need to use any credentials to get entry into this game just search the game and start playing. 

The game is free of charge.

You can activate the hard mode by accessing the setting menu and marking the correct and expected letter with different colors.

While playing the game you can modify the appearance to get a clear screen view on your device and play comfortably.

When the right word is guessed by you or any other player, results are shared with the player’s name.

Tips to solve Wordle Puzzle

  • While we are writing something in English most of the words are formed by combining these letters: e, t, a, i, o, n, s, h, and r
  • Don’t give attention to eliminated words and incorrectly positioned letters.
  • If you have entered a letter that blinks in yellow color or green color now you shouldn’t try to use the same letter for the remaining four positions.
  • Try to combine them with common letters.

Take out a few minutes for this interesting informational fun activity and enhance your geographical dictionary.

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