5 Amazing Tricks to Smoothen the Phone Performance

We all have Android phones or iOS phones today. However, iOs is known for the power pack security, and performance. Android is also superb  UT sometimes.es does to our mistakes these phones also get hung. The problem is with each individual. To deal with such hanging issues, we are offering you some tips.

Factory Reset/ Wipe Data

If you regularly take the backup of your phone files, documents and photos then factory reset or wipe the data are modest and comfortable options that will remove everything from your phone and keep the phone condition like a newly purchased phone. You can visit the official page of your brand of phone. It will save the phone from hanging problems in minutes.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

When we purchase the phone some of the phones are installed by default. Some of the apps get installed during the software updates and some of the apps get installed if we let the auto-download update feature on. All these apps are not worth your phone. If these are apps in your phone that you don’t use frequently or have no use for any purpose then please delete them as soon as possible.

Cloud Storage/External Memory/ Card

Storing everything on RAM storage or internal memory space impacts the performance of the phone. The Ram should be only used for music, media files, and documents. If you have a larger file then store them in portable memory devices, cards, and hard drives. It will keep the phone’s speed in good condition and extend the life of the phone. IUD storage is one of the comfortable options to store the media files that you can access from anywhere anytime.

Use Lighter Version of App and Game

Do you love to play games on the phone?

Although, we always look for something to spare our free time. Sometimes the kids install apps and games that are not used by adults. In that case, these phones only consume the space of the phone. Check your phone if there is any game that is consuming high memory space or if any kids app. You should immediately delete unused apps. If you want to play then please install a lighter version of those apps. If you love to spend time on social media apps. You don’t have to install all of them, you can access the activities, updates, and notifications from websites. The phone will never be out of the process due to heavy usage and also save space for some important data.

Clear Cache and Data

The cache is the small amount of the data and information so all the information can be displayed in a shorter span. When we perform any web search activity, through the browser. It creates the cache files automatically and consumes space. These files don’t display in the gallery you have to go to the phone’s memory file manager section. Here you can see how many files are available in memory.

To clear cache, some of the phones have built cache clear apps that clear the unnecessary cache files. if your phone doesn’t have such an app then download the one from the play store.

Sometimes because of cache and cookie phone performance get slower or search tabs crash down. Please pay attention to this.

If after trying all of the methods things have been not sorted then please go to the mobile care shop or get a new phone.

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