TRAI’s new Rule for DTH, Cable Channels: Extend Deadline Up To March 31, 2019.

TRAI’s new Rule for DTH, Cable channels: Extend Deadline Up To March 31, 2019.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has provided a customer and subscriber till March 31, 2019, to select their television channels and create their packages under its new regulatory structure, which came into a result on February 1, 2019. The deadline to select the channels and their packages is 31 March 19. The TRAI new rule helps the consumer to finalise their packages, it extends the date up to 31 March 2019.

TRAI has clarified that for the time period cable operators and DTH companies can allow customers what will be called a ‘Best Fit Plan’ based on their television using practices. This is only for consumers who have not to select their plans until now. Here’s what the new deadline and ‘best-fit plans’ mean for consumers.

TRAI has announced in its press release that it was informed that under the new policy, “some customer are facing problems in choosing the channels of their preference. It has also confirmed that in many cases paid channels of the subscriber who did not use the options under the new administration were deactivated. So in order to help subscribers, TRAI is stretching the deadline to March 31, 2019.

TRAI new rules: what are the new plans for users?

TRAI’s new rules set the control of selecting channels in the hands of customers. However, some of the customers have not executed the choice, given there is some uncertainty on how they are assumed to carry this out.

TRAI also announced in its press release that the new administration should not “should not create any inconvenience to the subscribers,” and that’s why it has demanded all cable, DTH companies to design ‘Best Fit Plan’ for its customer, who have not used their choosing yet.

TRAI repeated that customer who has used long term packages will continue to avail the services for the agreed period. But if they select channels under the new administration, they can request the money for the resting period to be set for their future use.

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