Tips: Nevermore work the smartphone in dark mode, it can be immense damage.

smartphone in dark mode

Smartphone users have started using it in dark mode, but do you know that it can also prove to be very dangerous for your delicate eyes. If you do not know, then you will definitely know after reading this news.

Everyone knows that smartphones have become a part of our life, but their use has increased more than before while sitting at home in lockdown. Nowadays the trend of using the smartphone in dark mode has increased rapidly. Users have started using most applications in this mode. Dark Mode may look good, but you might not be aware of the damage caused by it. Today we will warn you of these pitfalls.

The craze of dark mode increased
At this time, the dark mode feature is very trending for different apps of the smartphone. When the dark mode is turned on, the display of the smartphone becomes dark or black. Due to this less light goes into the eyes and you can use the phone for a long time without getting tired. In any case, while the dull mode is fine during the day, it ends up being hurtful during the evening.

vision will be weak
If you use dark mode on your smartphone for a long time, then later your eyes adapt to it and it is better to read white color text. But when you go to the light mode, it affects your eyes, and the vision starts getting weak. Extreme utilization of dull mode can cause eye illness. After switching between light to dark text, your eyes suddenly may not adapt to this change and in this case, a condition of bright burn may also appear.

This problem can happen in the eyes
According to the American Optometric Association, a disease called astigmatism is coming to the fore in people using dark mode. In which the shape of the cornea of ​​one eye or both the eyes becomes somewhat strange and starts appearing blurred. Because of which people cannot easily read white text on a black background as compared to black text on white background. In this case, the focus of the eye is affected.

keep brightness low
If you do not want to cause any damage due to dark mode on the eyes, then you should keep switching both dark mode and light mode in between, keeping the brightness of the smartphone’s display as low as possible. Use light mode during the day while it would be fine to use dark mode at night.

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