TikTok Prevented Disabled User Videos from Becoming Viral

TikTok Prevented Disabled User Videos from Becoming Viral

Chinese video-sharing application TikTok has recognized that content delivered by disabled clients was intentionally suppressed by the company’s moderators in an offer to keep these clients from turning out to be victims of harassing, the media revealed. Confronting analysis, TikTok recognized that its methodology had been imperfect.
Inability rights campaigners named the system “unusual”.

A leaked extract from TikTok’s rulebook gave examples of what its moderators were told to be on the outlook for, handicapped individuals, those with Down’s syndrome and autism and individuals with other “facial issues, for example, a skin discoloration or sight squint.

Such clients were “susceptible to bullying or harassment based on their physical or mental condition”, as indicated by the rulebook.

The moderators were told to confine viewership of influenced clients’ videos to the nation where they were transferred, as indicated by an anonymous TikTok source cited by Netzpolitik.

The moderators were advised to keep the clips of affected users from showing up in the application’s primary video feed once they had come to between 6,000 to 10,000 views, said the report.

A representative for TikTok conceded that it had settled on a wrong decision.

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