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Want to design impressive sketches, rich paintings, gorgeous illustrations, animations, and other designs then you can install and download the Procreate app. You can search on the web to install procreate for windows. It is like an art studio that offers every functionality an artist requires. You can find amazing tools to complete your art projects.

Procreate has a responsive, digital, user-friendly interface that makes you feel comfortable to draw without the help of paper and pen. You can choose the brushes from the collection of 200 brushes for different designing requirements. You can try different gestures, use the overall surface to illustrate your imaginations. This app is inspired by Apple PencilRead.

Procreate is originally not created for Windows users but interested people can get this app through the help of emulators. The app is suitable for 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

The app is versatile and arranges everything for professional illustrators, designers, artists, Procreate is not free of cost. Users have to pay for it once and it will be permanently downloaded on their system. You can access the advanced features of this app by paying for the premium version. The price is different for different countries.

Functionalities of Procreate app

You can manage different types of tools and accessibilities through the Procreate app. Like other designing apps, you can add layers, text, brushes, libraries accessibilities, etc.

Alpha Locks

It is accessibility that allows you to draw within the boundary line of an image. It is one of the frequently used functionalities that is offered by the Procreate app. With this accessibility, you can add shadows, highlight the things, color effects. You can lock the things on the featured image.

Brush Studio

Double click on selected brush pointers and the Brush Studio will open in front of you on Procreate interface. You can adjust the brushes with your preferences. You should explore these different brushes to bring a change in your designs to design something creative and innovative. It will enhance your artistic skills. First, start with a basic brush set and then gradually move forward to other types of brush strokes. You can save or cancel as per your choice.

Import Brushes from other sources

You can access the brushes from other sites searching on the web. You May have to spend on that. But it would be good for designing tasks to purchase artists’ and designers’ brush packs. You can search according to your budget and design requirements.

Add Layer effect

Practicing layers doesn’t take much time but to be perfect in this you need to have some patience. It is one of the common skills that a designer should know. You need to collect and arrange different layers in a perfect picture at the perfect position. You can perform different operations on these layers including color effects, overlapping, light effects, etc.


You can draw text on images. You just need to click on the picture piece, access the text box option and then the text area will appear to type anything.

Save your designs once you are done with your creations!!

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