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We are surrounded by digital and web technologies. It has made our life convenient and easier but we need to be aware of some facts about cyber security otherwise, you may get trapped in problematic situations. Recently malware is founded on the McAfee antivirus app that can access your passwords through text link messages.

Read this post to know more about this password hacking event and also know the trick to eliminate the risk of password hacking on your phone.

How The Escobar Malware Is Affecting Android Phone Users?

According to the news media reports, an android banking fake version of the app has been found that is named Escobar. It can access the one-time authentication passcodes instantly. The malware has copied the prototype and mechanism of the McAfee antivirus app.

The malware is associated with the app of the Google Play store, when someone downloaded this they suffered from unpleasant events on their phone. It is crucial to know that the malware can access media files, text messages, location, camera accessibility features, calling interface, and features. 

In addition to all these things, malware can create more devastating events. It will automatically kick out the apps from your phone, infect or add on the URLs you have not visited in the past and render unnecessary web pages. 

Moreover, the malware can control and manage the VNC remote desktop accessibilities.

The problem could be increased but thanks to Bug Slayer MalwareHunter Team who have founded this at the right time. They have navigated to the package name as com. Eskobar. pablo is associated with a clone app of McAfee. The name was taken from the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar who met death in 1993.

This Trojan clone app was accessed via Discord CDN(content delivery network).

This malware can affect online activities including email, social media handles, banking transaction accounts, etc., and restrict the access to connect and control. 

Tech experts have advised to not download any app from third-party sites or software and also check the source who has developed it. So you may save yourself from any cautious event of data-stealing.  Please go through the verification action before downloading any app.

To protect your android phone and other online-offline activities get infected by the McAfee Escobar malware follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Please toggle on the Google Play Protect.
  • Install a phone antivirus software.
  • Only prefer the apps verified by the Google play store and don’t visit the unauthorized website and resources.
  • Proceed with USB security key and 2factor authentication action to access the strongest privacy & security control.
  • Check what kind of permission the app wants to access from your phone.

If there is no time to proceed above instructions due to malware infection you can do as follows:

  • Immediately take the backup of your phone and save all the information, media files, document files, and other important information data somewhere else you can retrieve later.
  • Switch off the data connection, wifi network, and phone too.
  • Pull out a SIM card from your phone.
  • Proceed factory reset.
  • We use cloud storage to save and upload the data for multi-device on-demand access so try to access or restore all on your phone.
  • Finally, check your financial status of bank accounts to know how much balance you have in your account, if you find something wrong directly report to the bank.

Please do share this post with your friends if they’re going through this problem. If the phone is not infected do practice the privacy instruction we have shared with you.

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