Manual And Advanced way to fix PCI Serial Port Driver Issue

PCI Serial Port Driver Issue

For the proper functioning of computers, accessibility drivers are launched on PC. For different OS, different drivers collection is available that enable accessibility. Drivers’ versions get outdated over time and impact the performance of the PC. All the drivers should be updated with the latest versions and OS compatibility.

PCI serial port driver is also a significant driver that bridges the gap between the functionalities of hardware and software. To make the peripheral device connectivity easy and hassle-free, the PCI serial port is assembled. But sometimes the event occurred on PCI Serial Port Driver Issues on Windows 10, 8, 7encounter issues.

The reason why PCI Serial Port is not working?

  • Maybe the driver is outdated.
  • Maybe the driver is not compatible with your device.
  • Maybe the driver is disabled.

All 3 are general reasons that result in the PCI Serial Port Driver Issues on Windows 10, 8, 7. Want to know how to resolve the PCI Serial Port Driver issue you can find a solution in this guide.

You can find the PCI Serial Port driver on the official website for both PCs Mac and Windows and follow this blog to know more about this issue and how to deal with them manually or automatically. Choose the preferred version compatible with your device or system requirements.

Different Scenarios of PCI Serial Port Driver issues

Fast way to fix PCI Serial Port Driver Issues on Windows 10, 8, 7

Trying to connect a peripheral device to your PC and it is showing an error message, there’ something happens with your PCI port so must check the device manager. This is a manual way to check the status of the PCI Serial port driver on your PC.

  • Press the Shortcut keys Windows +X it will open the Device Manager on your screen.
  • Access other devices with Double Click.
  • Find PCI Device > Right Click on the exclamation mark.
  • Hit the option to update the Driver.
  • You have two options to install the driver. Either you can perform the action: Search automatically for Drivers or the second one is: Browse My Computer for drivers.
  • If any driver is available then windows will come up with the results to run driver updates.
  • The process of the PCI Serial port driver will be completed in a few minutes. 
  • If the driver is already installed it is not working perfectly because of a pending windows update.
  • Now go to Windows Update > Check for updates section > download the updates if any is available.

Now Restart the PC to set up with the new functionalities of drivers.

Hopefully, the problem will be solved.

Update Driver from Manufacturer’s website

This is another method to fix the PCI Serial Port issues.

  • You may find the details via the error message it shows on the screen regarding the driver issue.
  • Access Device Manager press Windows +X or either type in the search bar.
  • Locate other devices.
  • Find PCI Driver then hit the right mouse button on the option with the yellow exclamation mark.
  • Access its properties > select the details options > hit down directional arrow > select Hardware Ids.
  • You need to copy the first ID property of Hardware.
  • We need to find the correct driver link to get this property so go to the browser and type this to get filtered results.
  • Once you find the link to download the driver, run the process as the steps mentioned there.
  • Once the driver is downloaded and the setup of the installation is finished, restart the PC to organize everything properly.

Advanced Driver Updater Tool for PCI Serial Port Driver Issues on Windows 10, 8, 7

With the evolving years, so many things have been updated to advance. Now, you can download and update the drivers automatically using the fast-performance tools.

To fix the issues of PCI Port Driver you don’t have to worry about compatibility checking everything is performed automatically. Advanced Driver Updater self-checks the system requirements, and gets the compatible driver for your PC. 

You don’t have to think if the driver is an outdated version or the current version. Advanced Driver Updates consume less time to install the driver. 

You can access the free version or Pro version.

The driver also resolves the headache of fae website drivers downloading access.

To access the functionality of Advanced Driver Updater do as follows:

  • Start the setup.
  • Hit on Start scan Now. It will scan the installed drivers on your system, How many need an instant update. This scan process will display the list of outdated drivers on your system.
  • This time, you are looking for the update of the PCI Port driver, so find this one in the list and click to update. 
  • With the premium version you have the accessibility to install all the drivers together in a single attempt. 
  • Setup the changes with the immediate Restart Now process.

Now, your PC will start working efficiently. 

At the End:

Here in this article, we have mentioned the manual and auto method to resolve the PCI serial port driver issue. The Automated Driver Updater tool is very easy in all of them. Other methods are also efficient but took many steps to proceed.

If any time the PCI Driver issues are encountered on your PC or if it is showing a yellow icon with an exclamation mark then the issue is encountered here.

As it is clear you need to check the system details and support, which OS is installed on your PC. According to that, we will proceed to the next step:

Device Manager > PCI Serial Port Driver > Remove or Search for Driver > now the problem is a driver so give a try to search the compatible option of PCI port driver. Soon the downloading process starts.

Don’t click on the install or download button if the site is not secured or from an unknown source. It can put your system at risk. Always download the drivers from official suggested trusted sources/ web addresses.

Extra corner:

Not all people are tech-savvy therefore when they find it difficult to access anything from a PC. They rush to the PC Care shop immediately and hand over their system. It is also good because they are professional and it’s their routine task to repair the issues related to software and hardware. They have a collection of solutions for all PC problems. They will just ask about the discomfort you are facing and solve it with their quick intelligence using their tools. There is no risk of errors or untrusted sources.

If you are afraid to perform any installation process by yourself then free to get the help of professionals.

Basic Questions asked by people are mentioned below:

Have any Questions:

Where can I find drivers on the PC?

All the drivers are collected under Device Manager. If you are having a problem connecting your mouse or other devices or Wifi connectivity with the PC then look at the Device Manager.

To do this, visit the bottom left side, in the search bar type device manager, the window will appear. You can also access the Device Manager through Windows +X.

Can I solve the driver issues problem on my own?

Yes, you can solve any soft issues related to the PC driver. If the problem is related to an incompatible or older driver then you just have to access the latest version of the same driver compatible with your PC. Remove the older version, and update the new one to your device manager. The process will take a few minutes and the problem will be solved.

How to fix PCI Driver Issues?

Check the active status of drivers in the device manager if the desired driver is found with a yellow or red exclamation mark PCI Serial Port Driver facing issues related to updating or having some compatibility issues. The problem may be related to hardware and software support.

What happens if the PCI port driver is not enabled?

Peripheral devices are Printer, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Trackball, Joystick, Light Pen, Touchpad, Painting Stick, etc. PCI port manages the connectivity and functionality of these peripheral devices and software, in case of failure of PCI Port Driver or the driver is disabled you can’t connect these devices.

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