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home loan in India

Bad Home Loans will definitely surge private banks, and at present day you can easily see volatility of banking shares in share market. Bad Loans or NPA’s are always an stress for all banks and due to lockdown announced yesterday by prime minister Narendra Modi, we will surely face economic slowdown for upcoming quarters.


Purchasing a house is the very costly buy you are probable to make, so you may require assistance in funding it in the type of a loan. What if you opt for a home loan, but after some time, get yourself incapable to disburse the EMIs? There could be many reasons for this, from losing your occupation to reducing your savings for a medical need. Will the bank confiscate your property if you miss 2 to 3 EMI payments? No, not right away, but if you carry on to non-payment for 6 months, the bank will occupy your house. May be our finance minister come out and announce some fiscal policy or some sort of rebate for same.

Reminders from Lenders:

Attaching a property is the ultimate thin


g a lender wants to do. Even though banks have the power to recuperatenon-performing assets without the interference of a court of law, this is the final step they choose to take. A bank generally allows one EMI payment defaulting slip by, but for the next one, it will mail you a prompt to tell you that your payments are delayed. After 3 defaults, the bank will give a demand notice, requesting you to pay your outstanding amount as soon as feasible.

home loan in India

What are your alternatives?

As in current situations, many other persons will lose jobs, incur business losses. Though these financial losses would be temporary in context to worldwide deaths caused by Coronavirus. In such case if you lose your occupation, but are sure of getting the latest one in six months, you may request the bank to provide you a suspension for this period. Though, if your finances are sprained because of some different reasons, like the EMI going up due to an increase in interest rates or improvement in personal expenditures, request the bank to reorganize your loan. To either decrease the EMI or keep it at a similar level in spite of an increased interest rate, you could grow the loan term.

If you have purchased an insurance product, which also gives a cover for loss of occupation, the insurance firm will look after the EMIs for 3 months from the date that you lost your occupation.

In this plan, the insurer will disburse three EMIs on any loan that you have purchased if you lose your occupation. The drawback is that the job loss must be because of retrenchment, discharge or health issues, and not due to you were fired. In addition, you can take a cover corresponding to your exceptional loan sum; the policy term is only 5 years.

Approximately, 30% of your credit score is dependent on reimbursement history and an important part of this generally relies on how daily you pay back your house loan if you have purchased one. Even 1 or 2 missed payments may unhelpfully affect your credit rating, and a constant default will dent it sternly, making it tough to obtain loans or credit cards in the prospect. As this is an awful situation, you could plunge into your savings and withdrawal fund and cash in your investments to disburse the EMIs. Though, if it appears that the condition may not get better even after 6 months, a better idea may be to sell out the property.


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