ITR E-Portal Glitches Not Resolved Taxpayers Asking for Due Date Extension

ITR E-Portal

It’s the end of the year 2021 and the last date to file an income tax return is approaching. A huge base of people requesting the extension of the due date to file ITR as the portal is not working properly for a while. Whenever any individual tries to access the e-portal either the server goes down or throws an exceptional error.

The last date for the submission of the ITR document is scheduled on 31st December 2021 and if it gets crossed penalty will be applied. Many taxpayers have connected with their CA and financial advisor to prepare the Income Tax Returns Documents and upload them to the portal to avoid any legal activities and financial loss. 

Taxpayers have raised their voice on social media platforms to receive the attention of authorities to consider this matter of e-portal malfunctioning. They are urged to give the relief some time to submit the ITR Report. According to the top news source’s data analysis report, more than 4,86,34,306 taxpayers have submitted their ITR documents on Tuesday, 28 December 2021.

Today, till the date of 30 December 2021, Thursday, there is no official statement released by TAX Department, regarding the ITR Due Date extension therefore, the taxpayers are in a panic state of mind as to what if the due date will not be postponed. It is noticeable that the date is already extended two times because of similar technical issues and glitches in the ITR e-portal.

Taxpayers and CA have said that as the situation arises from the e-portal side and they can’t do anything with that. They have tried many attempts to access the functionality and portal to submit the ITR file/ reports but all are purposeless and they can’t reach to process the things.

Due to the technical malfunctioning, glitches, and server down events problems are the same and only the developers or technical experts can handle this situation. According to the data and reports of the TAX Department, these situations have reduced the count of taxpayers and more than 1crore IT’s documents report has not been submitted to the portal.

Issues encounter that Taxpayers and CA are dealing with are as follows:

  • OTP not generating
  • Server Down because of too many users activity
  • The request is under process/ Unconfirmed status
  • Hibernate session/ exceptional error
  • User failed to login

Now the taxpayers and CA are still hoping for the due date that the process will complete. Furthermore, they are also expecting due date relief by Tax department authorities.

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