iOS Users Facing Frequent Crash On Their Phones


Whatsapp is the most used app in our daily routine life. We use it for professional and personal communication. Millions of people have installed this app on other Android and iOS phones. Recently, we have got his update from news reports that abuse has been encountered in iOS platform-based phones. Due to this app, the functionality got disturbed and users are facing g discomfort with this app.

The app is getting shut down frequently due to the bug. Users can’t access its features properly. The app gets crashed in both versions including normally and business account for the iPhone

Many users have complained regarding their current experience while they were trying to access Whatsapp on their iPhone.

According to the reports, uninstallation is not the solution for this problem because the problem is related to the server-side so this can only be altered from the developer’s side. 

The iPhone has recently received an iOS update and many users have updated their phones to the latest version of iOs that is iOs 15.2 but this update has not made any improvement to Whatsapp yet. Users are still facing the same app crash events on their iPhones and can’t complete the actions or activity on this app.

The bug has been reported by a handful of users so WhatsApp authorities have to take this issue seriously and consider it as a significant task to make the user experience better.

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