Amazon To Let Sellers Run Their Own Delivery Trucks In Their Armada Plan

Amazon Armada Plan

The E-retail giant is bringing its own programme of enabling the entrepreneurs to their own delivery fleet of trucks for the company. Earlier this year, Amazon announced that it was set to work with small business in the United States by providing vehicles which have an Amazon logo at a discounted lease, with fuel, insurance and various other benefits. This will help entrepreneurs to earn more than $300,000 in a year running around 40 trucks for the company. The programme is called the Armada Plan, under this programme Amazon has partnered with some logistics company in India who will lease out and supply vehicles to the entrepreneurs in the country.

According to sources, one player has already leased hundreds of vehicles to entrepreneurs and different businesses. The company aims to take the figure of around 1,200 vehicles in a year and also they want to be certain that this programme contributes around 20% of the company’s total deliveries by the second year. Though there is no specific comment by the company about launching this programme in India, Amazon continues to invest in transportation infrastructure. They are also focusing on the other innovative ways through which they can expand their supply chain capacities and also increase their speed for reaching to its customers.

It would be a great step for the company to help them cut transportation costs and it would also help in decreasing their dependence on the third-party logistics partners.  It would be a great way to reach out to the customers easily and quickly and it will also help in increasing the speed of delivery for their customers.

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