9 Ways to Keep Your PC Cool

9 Ways to Keep Your PC Cool

Recently I was searching for a PC that doesn’t heat too much. Various shop owners have given me many options such as ASUS laptop, HP laptop, Dell Laptop. Heating PC is the most common problem that every individual faces in his day to day daily life. Apart from the hardware and software performance, we have gathered a few ways to solve heating PC problems. 

Solve the heating PC problem

  • Appropriate setup area for PC

We like to sit at a place where we can get proper sunlight and proper air. Sometimes we set up our desk near the window. From here we can get both, fresh air and natural light. Another reason, we set up our desk near the window or vents so we don’t have to turn on the room light and fan so it automatically cut off our additional electricity expenses in a hidden way.

But this arrangement is not good for our PC’s health. The computer enthusiasts advised us not to work on a PC in a hot atmosphere, as your PC will encounter a heating problem. Choose an appropriate place with a balanced temperature.

  • Make a clear room around the PC

When you are looking for a corner to set up your Pc ensure that no airflow barrier is located around the PC clear all the things away from the PC that produces too much heat or it will impact PC performance. If you will set up the PC at a messy location or suffocating place, the heating problem will generate shortly.

  • Put on a case

People who work on the desktop if they notice that the PC is producing heat they remove the case by supposing the fact that the heat will reduce by air. In reality, it does not make any relief to your PC instead that the cooling fan is filled with dust, and many small insects can enter inside in this open case.

  • Cooling fan

To ensure the reliability of the cooling fan and system performance you should take care of it. Do a cleaning practice on a definite interval to remove the dust and crap. In the lack of proper care and an excessive amount of dust, the PC starts producing heat. Turn off the PC and take a canned air duster to remove the dust. 

To cut off the cleaning time and efforts people used the Vacuum cleaner to whom our message is that it can damage the reliability and make the system more vulnerable and hot. Invest your time in cleaning practice to save your PC from heating.

  • Advanced CPU fan

CPU fans are inbuilt with the system to save the processor from overheating and make the CPU to perform well. To improve the efficiency and performance in the coolest way you can consider a PC shop/ service center /dealer to purchase a new high-end performance CPU fan.

  • Equip case fan

Adding a CPU fan will help you a lot to eliminate the CPU heating problem but there is another way to keep your system cool. You can also equip a case fan to eliminate the heat effect produced by the graphic card, chipset, etc. Case fans can regulate the airflow between the different components of the CPU. 

One case fan is sufficient to remove the heat but many customers opted for two fans to attach with their system, one that can flow the air inside and keep the system cool and the other one is to pull the hot air out of the system. These fans are available in different sizes and dimensions so you can ask any computer enthusiasts. However, 80mm for the front case fan and 120 for the back is ideal.

  • Power supply fan

A system may consist of 2-3 fans that are responsible to regulate the airflow, high-end performance, and system’s reliability. Along with the CPU fan, case fan, power supply fan also takes the responsibility of the system. The power supply fan throws the heat outside of the system and keeps the system cooler. 

In case, the power supply fan stops working or approaches the problematic stage, the system performance will lend up at stake. The replacement of the power supply fan is mandatory. As soon as you will swap it with the new one it will be a big relief for you. Also, you won’t have to deal with any further bigger problematic events that can impact your pockets.

  • Water cooling Kit

Gamers and programmers always complain about the heating PC problem because this time back to back processes and commands are executed. No matter how efficient your CPU fans are. They will get affected by the high temperatures. A heated pc can ruin your gaming experience. 

To eliminate the heating problem water cooling kit are helpful. These can be fitted in your budget and easy to manage. A water cooling kit is assembled with self-contained tubes that contain cold water that flows down to the CPU to cool the system and regulate the temperature. The cycle continues, with every cycle the water temperature is set to the coolest temperature to utilize it again.

  • Actions while overclocking

Overclocking is responsible to enhance the high temperature but it also enhances the performance of system components. We are sure that overclocking may recover the stem from the heating stage or high temperature. To monitor the temperature many modules or apps are available in the tech market that you can use on both system Windows as well as on Mac.

If you are about to attempt overclocking on your system make sure the prevention actions should be performed well. So your system would be safe from unfamiliar events.

In this tech world, everyone is stuck with overheating. All these ways are easy, safe, efficient, and worth it to cool down your PC. Now you can use your PC for a long time. We hope that these ways will help you to enhance the performance of the system. If you know any other way or have any info regarding the apps you are free to share with us!!

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