10 Ways to Restore the Bluetooth Pairing and Connectivity

Bluetooth pairing

In recent years, many smartphones, operating systems, and relative technologies have emerged. Bluetooth is also one of them that has changed the user’s life. But nowadays, users are facing issues to pair the device or Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Bluetooth is a common functionality and technology equipped in every device like mobile phones and PCs. It was emerged in 1989 to transfer the data between the devices in a while in a respective range. 

Although, many other apps have been developed and are available at the play store to share audio files, PDFs, videos, images, etc. Between the two devices. But many apps have been banned and Bluetooth is a way to import and export files without using a wire or app. Nowadays different types of devices and gadgets are developed with this amazing wireless technology.

But all the fun vanishes when the wireless connectivity or Bluetooth pairing issues occur, it makes the people frustrated and the situation seems worse with short-tempered people. As there’s no other way to make the file transfer possible without using a wire.

Are you one of those who are facing issues to pair up the Bluetooth devices?

common Bluetooth connectivity issues

Generally, the issue of pairing arises when your device has an outdated version of Bluetooth. Software, applications, and operating systems versions are updated after a while, and the same is applied to technology updates. 

How can you resolve Bluetooth pairing issues?

To resolve the Bluetooth connectivity issues here we are mentioning multiple ways so you can restore the Bluetooth connectivity problem.

Method of pairing

Each Bluetooth device has a distinct type of methods to connect the devices, either a code will display on the home screen of the device, or if you have to tap or click on ‘pair’ so data transfer will be activated. In case, if you are wearing a smartwatch that has a Bluetooth connectivity feature or NFS then simply press and hold the button to turn on the Bluetooth pairing.

Bluetooth activation

Most of the time when we want to transfer the files between the two devices. Suppose that we just select the files from one device, and select the share option, the list of sharing apps or functions will automatically appear on the screen, we select the Bluetooth and then the alert shows that you have to turn on Bluetooth connectivity options. You should turn on this.

The remarkable thing is that the Bluetooth connectivity functionality should be turned on from both devices. It means, the recipient device and the device sharing the files. 

In case, if any of the two is turned off, the device won’t be paired and file transfer will be failed.

Discoverable mode

To save our devices from unnecessary things we turn off the discoverable functionality, in that case when you scan for nearest sharing devices, your device won’t appear on the sender’s device and in that case, you can’t pair this. 

To share the files you have to turn on the discoverable mode.

Quick on and off action

Sometimes, the Bluetooth option is turned on from both ends but still, the devices are unable to establish Bluetooth connectivity, the Bluetooth icon is visible on both devices but still, the file transmission is not going on. To deal with this scenario, you can do one thing, quickly turn on and turn off the Bluetooth connectivity feature located into the setting area connectivity points option.

You can find this option, by sliding down on the home screen. It is the quickest way to find out the Bluetooth connectivity and pair up the device with just one touch option.

Remove a device and find it again

If all of the mentioned ways fail to resolve the problem of Bluetooth pairing then access the setting function located on the home screen of your phone and go into the Bluetooth connectivity feature, all the devices that are connected with your device will be shown here. Locate the device with whom you are facing the pairing issues and select this, tap on the ‘remove the device’ option.

Turn off the Bluetooth from the endpoint of the sender’s device. And then again turn on and now look for the available pairing devices, once your receiver end device will visibly tap on that for pairing.

This way will surely help to make the file transmission successful.

Was it compatible with the device?

Many devices do not support the connectivity points and standards available on the device and many devices are built for only select devices so connectivity issues may occur.

Firmware update and latest driver availability

Many times, a software or firmware update is waiting on your devices. So make sure the devices should be running in an updated version. If in case, the device does not support the Bluetooth drivers you should take the help of the device manufacturer.

You can search for Bluetooth drivers for your PC that are compatible with PC ensure that the driver must be of the latest version. It may solve your problem.

The device should be in the range

If the devices are not in the respective range of the connectivity points the problem of pairing may occur. Keep in mind that both devices (receiver and sender end) should be in range. It is mandatory to make the file transfer process successful and fast.

The wireless device should be equipped with Bluetooth technology

Many wireless devices are not made with the Bluetooth connectivity functionality so don’t try to waste your time or keep aside your smartness, attempt to make it successful. When you purchase a device, the serviceman explains to you what functionality is enabled with the respective device. You can read the user manual to know better about the Bluetooth device functionality of a mouse, keyboard, speaker, headset, camera, etc.

Flight mode activated

Many times when we want to charge the phone we turn off all the connectivities and signals. To do this in one tap we just click on the airplane mode or flight mode. While the airplane mode is turned on the device may lose Bluetooth and other wireless connectivity. 

So when you are going to transfer media files or data files between the devices using Bluetooth connectivity first check if the airplane mode is turned on or turned off. If the airplane mode is enabled then file transfer will fail.

There are only two things that can work on airplane mode: NFS and GPS.

Power on and off the phone

All the above-mentioned ways are efficient to clear the Bluetooth device connectivity and pairing issues. But sometimes you don’t have to do much to resolve this problem. You just need to switch off your phone and wait for a while then press the power button to turn it on.

Hopefully, you may be successful to resolve the issue of Bluetooth device pairing and connectivity.


Keep your phone always updated to safeguard it from hacking activities. If you are using Bluetooth connectivity on your phone please turn it off once your work is done and you don’t want to transfer other files in a while. Leaving the Bluetooth device turned on may be risky or hackers may access your phone.

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