Yahoo Together: A Group Chat App For Android and iOS

Yahoo together app

Yahoo squirrel app was launched in May this year and the app was in testing since then. The app is finally out of beta and has got a new name Yahoo Together. The group chat app is available on Google Play store as well as on App store in the United States for free. There are a number of features which allows the user to organise and also streamline conversation with more than one people. Yahoo together looks after the services on Slack and Microsoft teams. It sports features like Smart reminders, invite-only groups and reminders for private conversations. Even though the application is not available to download in India as of yet. In order to use this in eligible regions, the users must have an existing Yahoo account, it is essential for signing up. It would be possible for the users to invite people through a unique code which can be generated within the app. The reminder feature of the app reminds the user of the message in the chat. Also, there is a mute switch which will allow the users to avoid the notifications which they do not wish to entertain. It is also possible for users to start a conversation privately. But, it is only possible if you send an invite. The custom reactions provide the users with an ease to converse via images for reacting to texts. Yahoo together will allow the users to have multiple groups in one space. It would be very beneficial for the business communication as it requires multiple communications. This new app came just after a few months to the shutting down of Yahoo messenger app. Yahoo together looks promising, but what we have to see is if it makes people switch from their favourites to this.

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