Windows 11 will available for users from 5th October

Windows 11

All the rumors and updates will now disappear as the official date for the Windows 11 release is out from official sources. Users have been waiting for its official releasing date for a long time. Now, Microsoft has confirmed this Windows11. All the Windows10 systems that fulfill the system requirements will be notified of the upgrade.

Windows 11 is compatible with all the latest Windows 10PCs. With this upgrade, you’ll have the accessibility of Android Apps on Windows-supported PC. 

As Windows 11 is coming soon so now companies will focus on the manufacturing process with a completely different design, and layout for different accessibilities, utilities, tools, and features. You will get a completely modified layout of icons, menus, Windows Start Menu, theme, etc. The modification has also improved the performance of the systems, quite impressive with soft visuals. 

This new upgrade and support of the Windows 11 system are best.

  • Consume less energy for the background updates and running apps.
  • Users will see a modified stylish look of the Microsoft store where you’ll be able to access all the latest app updates news, information, stories. 
  • Quick app installation through a pop-up store.
  • Developers will also get support from the modified Microsoft Store, they can make changes and modifications with the support of their third-party apps.

Users that are accessing Windows 11 as insiders will soon be able to access Android apps reviews over these systems. The company is working on a plan to get the support of intel and Amazon on this project. The upgrade and new features will be available soon on new PCs in the upcoming year.

To check whether your system is compatible with Windows11 or not then do check the Setting app of your Windows 10 PC then go to the Windows Update section and tap on Check for updates button.

Users can access Windows 10 until October 2025 without any inconvenience. Microsoft will soon release the updates to better the performance of Windows 10 systems.

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