Why https aka ms remote connect Issue Encounter How to Deal with this?


Minecraft is one of the popular games available on PS4, XBOX, and PC systems, and it is mainly famous for the cross-device feature. Users can log in with their Microsoft account and play this game if they’re the one unable to access the main interface of this game with the error message (https aka ms remoteconnect account) https://aka.ms/remoteconnect error. In this blog, you can find the solution to resolve this issue.

Top 3 Reasons why the issue https://akaremoteconnect generated

Most likely, the issue (https aka ms remoteconnect account) occurs while the users move on to a different device, the game files are corrupted, or the crossplay feature is not working.

  • With a single Minecraft account, you will access the game stuff on PS4, XBOX One, PC, etc. But it probably encounters the akaremoteconnect popup during the device switching time. It will restrict you from logging on to different devices by showing the error message.
  • The newly created Microsoft account, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One encounter this problematic issue and restrict the signin process.
  • When you install any game on any device, the files and other data accumulate the device’s storage space. If the files got missed and corrupted, the device would show this message every time you try to access the Minecraft account and its related stuff.

Below, we have mentioned the instructions to resolve the Minecraft access issues on different devices.

All you need is a Microsoft account to remove https://aka.ms/remoteconnecterror .

Solution for the issue https://akaremoteconnect encounter on different devices

To fix the https aka ms remoteconnect account in the Minecraft game, you can try the following methods.

  • Bookmark the sign-in access page that displays Microsoft code. Note down this code for quick view and avoid any convenience.
  • Navigate to the Minecraft error message box.
  • Open the Microsoft page on a different device and type this code.
  • You’ll soon be able to access the Minecraft game.


If you play Minecraft Game 9n PS4 setup and face remote connection issues, follow these instructions to remove the error message.

  • Direct access PS4 store. Find Minecraft in the collection.
  • The remote Play feature is enabled for paid versions. However, gamers can use their Microsoft account credentials and get remote play accessibility.
  • After successful login, users can access all the PS4 gaming stuff and get a remote play code.
  • Use any other device and search the link to access the remote connect interface, then enter the code.
  • Everything will get sorted in a few moments.

Xbox Remote Connect Issue Fix This Way

If you’re facing the issue of installing and running Minecraft on Xbox, the problem is related to crossplay. 

To solve this, you need to use your Microsoft account credentials on Xbox.

Paste this link on Xbox browser https://aka.ms/xbox

setup. After this, you’ll get to see a remote play code.

Now take the device on which you’re going to play the game type this link address and open https://aka.ms/remoteconnect. Here it would be best if you also had the Microsoft account credentials. Once the page is available on the device screen, type the remote play code you’ve received already on the Xbox browser window. 

After waiting for a while, the Minecraft page will load on your device, and you’ll be ready to play.

Minecraft Saved and Corrupt Game Data

If this situation occurs, it will show the error message https://aka.s/remoteconnect error. The problem gets easily removed through this process.

  • Access Settings.
  • Go inside system settings and navigate to the storage section.
  • Access game storage part.
  • Select two Minecraft files to create the backup and then delete this from the game storage.
  • Things will get refreshed automatically, and you will be able to start the Minecraft setup again.

Try to sign in with a different Microsoft account.

If the problem is not resolved, you need to start with a new Microsoft account setup. I don’t know how to set up a new Microsoft account. Below you can find the instructions:

  • Create a new Microsoft account.

Visit the site address: account.microsoft.com

Tap on Sign in and select create a new account.

Tap to option Get a new email address, and it will generate the Microsoft email address account for you.

Proceed by clicking on Next and move ahead with the mentioned instruction. Once the process is complete, you can use it anywhere.

  • Connect with Minecraft Account to access the other gaming stuff and features.
  • Now try the above process to solve the https aka ms remoteconnect issue. You will get successful in getting Minecraft access without any trouble.
  • Visit Minecraft Store to purchase Texture Packs.

PS4 or Nintendo Switch Remote Connect Issue Fix This Way

  • Access Nintendo Store on PS4.
  • Find Minecraft and tap to download this.
  • Create a Microsoft User account.
  • Access the interface by signing in.
  • Access the link to fix the remote connect issue through this link: https://aka.ms.remoteconnect
  • Whether it’s Mac or Windows, type this link to the browser.
  • Type the code to resolve the code. Confirm the next step by following the directions.

How to cleanup Gamedata of PS4 & Xbox One to resolve the https://aka.ms.remoteconnect

Want to know how to remove corrupt data files from PS4 Xbox do follow these instructions:

For Nintendo:

Go to Settings from the menu options.

Select Data Management.

Saved Data. Delete Saved data.

Return to the main home screen.

For Xbox One, do this:

  • To clean up the corrupt data files, all you have to do is access the homescreen. 
  • Navigate to the Games and Apps.
  • Access the Menu and go to Minecraft. Then go to Manage Game. Delete the corrupted files following the instructions and start playing again

For PS4, do this:

  • Go to the home screen and tap the Settings.
  • Then go to System Settings.
  • Visit Storage Sections.
  • System Storage.
  • System Data and Minecraft.
  • Select the files to delete.
  • Get relief.

After trying all these methods, you’ll be able to play and access the Minecraft game interface without any problem.

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