Whatsapp Will Launch feature Like Dark Theme, Voice Message And Much More In New Year

Whatsapp Will Launch feature Like Dark Theme, Voice Message And Much More In New Year

After the new year, Whatsapp is anticipated to adjoining the new updation and specification on an efficient basis on its platform in sequence to upgrade the complete user experience and the similar movement has to build Whatsapp the most superior messaging app on the world. The Facebook-owned WhatsApp as we see updation such as Whatsapp sticker, Group video calling, Picture-in-Picture Mode and much more.

Recent with 2019 just existence, we already have a plan as to what the people at Whatsapp are designed to launch this year, here we grasp a focus at some specification that might be organized to the platform in this month of January.


Whatsapp Upcoming Specifications in January 2019

Consecutive Voice Message– The successive Voice Messages specification will permit the user to hear all the consecutive voice message sent by the sender, spontaneous. The updation is currently beta and the user just require to tap on the play button of the primary voice message and Whatsapp will instinctively run all the voice message which user receives back to back. The feature was dappled on Whatsapp beta for iOS version 2.18.100 and Android Beta version 2.18.362.


Dark Mode– The Dark mode updation was a superior between all Social media or any such stage as a youtube launched their particular Dark Mode specification and the likes of the Facebook in 2018. As this change makes a good impression on the users. Now Whatsapp is also anticipating to follow costume in January 2019 by launching its Dark Mode on its platform which provides the user a choice to choose a dark theme which will be gleam on their eyes and won’t pannier their eyes even after increase utilize under low-lighting conditions.


Media Preview– Whatsapp also provides Media Preview updation that user will permit to preview any media that is Image, Video or Audio straight via their smartphone notification. Formerly the updation has been building up, a user will simply require to swipe down on the message in organizing to vision the Media content without opening the WhatsApp app.

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