Chrome Extensions

Top Google Chrome Extensions You Should Try

Ths Google Chrome Extension actually suits its name Stylish and does things for you. You can style the web pages in your favorite color. Explore and install Themes, or practice the style... Read more »

Animepahe: Free Anime Movies, Web Series Watch Now or Download

Animepahe is a free and reliable platform that enables the end free anime watch entertainment without any registration process. Read more »
Search Nearby Covid Vaccinations Centers through Google Search

Download Assignments, Submit Homework Notebook through Google classroom Offline

Google updates its service with the time to meet customer requirements. It has launched many apps and accessibility during this pandemic. In this series of innovative ideas, Google has launched Google Classroom... Read more »
Doodle Personality Today on Google 01 October

Who’s that Doodle Personality Today on Google 01 October?

We don’t know if you notice or not but every day Google changes the doodle to celebrate a significant day, event, popular individuals’ success, and their work. On today 01 Oct.2021, since... Read more »
Google I/O 2021

Google I / O 2021: Your smartphone will change into a car key, users will get this great feature in Android 12

The beta version of Android 12 is currently available. The company can bring its stable version by the end of this year. Prior to this, Apple has also launched ‘Digital Car Key’... Read more »
Google 2FA

Google is going to bring this security feature soon, 2FA will be on automatically

Simply put, Google is now going to make 2FA mandatory, although Google has not said anything about when it will start. Detailed If you also keep the password of your Gmail or... Read more »
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