Remote Control Spy cameras via XMEye App (Download XMEye App for PC)

XMEye App for PC

Huang Wan Shui developed the XMEye app. We know that no one can be physically present at the location. We need something to manage the security from a remote location and monitor the real-time events captured by multiple spy cameras. XMeye is a tremendous virtual surveillance tool.

To install this app, you can install Bluestacks or NoxPlayer Emulator; therefore, things can be managed successfully and hassle-free.

XMEye Accessibility:

  • If you are looking for the software to watch and monitor the live events of any remote location where you have activated the IP cameras, then prefer this cloud service-based software on your Windows PC.
  • Search, watch, minor video recording, snaps, real-time video from a remote location 
  • Cloud supported login access, account registration & modification for users
  • Autoupdate
  • It is a reliable, safe, and easy to access video spy tool that can manage the view of 64+ IP cameras and or DVR devices without any failure rate.
  • QR code scanning to verify the serial number of remote devices setup

XMEye APK File, Emulators for PC 

Download the apk file to download XMEye for PC from here:

To access the Android or iOS apps, we need the App Store or Google Play Store. It is only possible with the Emulator setup.

You can download the APK file or try the Emulator method. Bluestacks and NoxPlayer are the two most preferable Emulators to launch the android & iOS apps on PC.

Bluestacks Emulator to launch XMEye app

  • Find the download link below to download Bluestacks Emulator on your PC.
  • Access the download file to install the app. Read the mentioned instructions carefully and process things accordingly to avoid technical issues. Run this SetupSetup properly.
  • The installation will take a while. You will see an icon on-screen of this Bluestacks Emulator.
  • Now this Emulator will give you access to launch GOOGLE Play Store and explore the collection.
  • Type the name in the search bar section to find out XMEye.
  • Select to install and download.
  • The app will be launched on your PC in a few minutes, depending on the internet speed.
  • Once the app is downloaded, access the home interface ‘MyApps’ of the Bluestacks emulator, then click on this XMEye app.
  • Finally, you can connect your XMEye for PC with the DVR and IP Cameras and monitor the live activity using the App functionalities.

Launch XMEye app on PC with the help of NoxPlayer 

You have another option to access XMEye software. 

  • NoxPlayer can enable the support for XMEye software/ app. A downloadable link is mentioned below to access.
  • Access the download file to install the XMEye app. A SetupSetup wizard window will pop up.
  • Process forward by reducing the Setup wizard instructions.
  • The installation will take a while. You will see an icon on the screen of this Bluestacks Emulator.
  • Open this NoxPlayer Emulator to access the Google play store on your PC.
  • Type XMEye or get a filtered list of relevant items.
  • Click to download and install.
  • The app will appear on your PC in a few minutes.
  • Finally, you can connect your PC with the DVR and IP Cameras with this XMEye app.

(You should have an internet speed connection to proceed with NoxPlayer and Bluestacks Emulator.)

XMEye is not the only option to launch on PC; we can try other apps. All these can also manage smartphone functionality and accessibility. CMO B,

ICSee Pro, iVMS-4500.


Suggesting the app to edit, control and watch the videos by different spying devices.

iVMS-400 Offers similar accessibilities likewise XMEye inducing additional features: video playback, PTZ control, alarm notification.

Install this app to connect and monitor the live activity of NVRs, DVR, IP Cameras, CCTV, etc.


It is also a free video spying app connecting IP cameras, NVRs, DVR. Want to know the live updates from a remote location? Set up this app with the mentioned devices and access the following features:

  • Two-way communication
  • PTZ control, 
  • E-map,
  • Alarm Notification,
  • Live Video Streaming in HD quality,
  • Video Playback 

This app offers support for Windows and Mac both.

iCSee Pro

It is a convenient app to monitor live activities from and to remote locations wherever you are present. Connect CCTV and IP Cameras and access the support and control on PC to stream live recordings, PTZ control, snapshot, doorbells. Alarm notification, video playback, and more.

No Emulator Support to install XMEye for PC

If you don’t want to access these Emulators, follow this method to manage the function of remote surveillance.

Download link is mentioned here to install the XMEye app on Windows PC.

The link contains a setup for Windows devices.

  • Download the link and then you will see the icon if set up. Click on this to run it.
  • Follow the given instructions.
  • Complete the process and set up for the installation.
  • You need to set the language preferences also to get the app and a better understanding of functionality.
  • Register the account to get access to the software.
  • The software will ask to add the device. Do this as follows:
  • Go to the ‘system’ option.
  • Look for the Devices option. 
  • Click to add the device

Next is location configuration.

  • When you will move to other screens.
  • Look for the ‘zone list’.
  • Select this to access other features.
  • Inside Zone list, find ‘add area’. Type the name of the area to make it more clear.
  • Find ‘add device’ and fill in all the required details.
  • To find the IP address go to the search button, enter the further details of the current location, save the things. 

Once the location and device options setup are configured. You are ready to access, monitor live activities from remote locations.

Wrapping up

CCTV cameras are a great help to keep an eye on every corner of your space. Whether you are running a business or have a big home. CCTV cameras manage the security concern. These CCTV cameras activities can be managed and monitored via smartphone. But if you have installed multiple cameras at your place of business/home, we need to connect the PC. The PC offers a wider and clear view of remote areas.

You can easily find smartphone apps to connect and monitor the CCTV live, shots, and video recording. To manage the same things on PC, we need to install software, XMEye is conceptualized on cloud-based technology. It offers dedicated support for PCs to monitor the IP cameras, DVR and camera setup, video recording, spying devices. 

XMEye manages the clear view of video recordings on PC without any playback inconvenience easily with one click.

You can either install this via apk or try the emulator or zip file setup.

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