Realme X Now Accessible via Offline Stores, Next Sale to be on August 7

Realme X Now Accessible via Offline Stores, Next Sale to be on August 7

Realme X is now accessible via offline stores in the nation. The Realme X can be purchased from retail outlets. However, the standard version of the Realme X that comes in two variants, the Naoto Fukasawa accumulation of the Realme X – otherwise called Realme X Master Edition-will be available to all from offline stores. However, if you want to buy the smartphone from the comfort of your home next sale of the Realme X is planned for August 7.

The Realme X’s base 4GB RAM + 128GB capacity variation is priced at Rs. 16,999. The smartphone’s higher-end 8GB RAM + 128GB capacity variation has been estimated at Rs. 19,999. The two variants of the smartphone are presently available from retail outlets. With respect to online accessibility, the following sale of the smartphone will be conducted via Flipkart and the Realme online store.

The Realme X Master Edition, which has been designed by Japanese creator Naoto Fukasawa and comes in two variants – one with a similar finish to an onion peel and the other one similar to a garlic peel – can also be bought from retailers. It only comes in 8GB + 128GB choice.

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