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Hurawatch is an online web platform that quenches your thirst for entertainment with its fantastic HD-quality movies and TV shows. 

To know more about similar platforms to stream and download TV shows, movies you can check this post and search over the web.

Top 12 websites to explore Animation entertainment stuff

Viewers across the club love animation series, and many sites upload the latest-released and older popular movies series for the anime-lovers. Some of the famous platforms are listed below to ease your work.


The reason for listing this platform in the first position is that it is free of cost. The site is filled with various types of stuff and entertaining the visitors. It is the best space to explore if you want to make yourself fresh and get rid of the daily mess. Visit and find your favorite movies, shows, cartoons, animation shows content, episodes, dramas, soundtracks, etc. Most of the content uploaded on this platform is Asian.

Anime Freak

It is one of the popular alternatives of Hurawatch that facilitates similar accessibilities of entertainment packages. It also does not cost anything to watch and download the stuff. It updates the content regularly to give a fresh experience to visitors and doesn’t care about any competitors. You can straightforwardly access the Anime series, episodes, movies, etc., and explore the stuff by navigating different categories and genres from the menu.


It lets you stream and explore the animated stuff 9n free cost and premium subscription packs. Curate the latest and best collection of animation series movies by a structured database of KissAnime. You may spare countless hours on this platform streaming your favorite categories of stuff. With its impressive features, the site is considered the best Hurawatch alternative.


It is the best platform for so many reasons, and one of those is that it is also available in the application form to install and download from Google Play Store. You can explore anything on your phone through this application. The website also displays the subtitles and has a collection of English Dubbed movies shows. The content is available in HD and full HD quality, so you don’t worry about the image quality of the content.


The website contains advertisements, but concisely so it does not let you miss the fun of your animation, movies, TVshows, and other stuff/ content. The site is designed well structured, and the collection is also well managed, giving you easy negation and access to all your favorite stuff. You may access the latest, newer and older types of content. If you love to watch movies in the evening or night, the site has a decent facility and interface that does not affect your eye health and keeps them safe from any glaring effects. The platform is quite popular among animation lovers with this unique night mode feature. 


The website has an extensive library of animation stuff. To discover your favorite movies and series, you can click on the drop-down menus to explore the categories and genres. The website interface is designed without any search bar, and you can click on any link, video, or image to check the content. The interface is well structured, but if the website owners added a search bar, that would be easier and user-friendly.


The website is designed in an attractive violet interface that makes it look different from other platforms. You can see so much stuff on the homepage from the navigation menu options, sections, sidebar categories, etc. You can discover the original and Dubbed content from the website as your preferences. The easy-to-access structure keeps everything so simple and consumes less discovery time.

Dark Anime

The site is famous for its accessible infrastructure and design. You can explore and enjoy your favorite animated TV shows and movies on this site. Use the search bar to discover the results and stream your favorite results. You’ll have a great experience on this site and will feel relaxed.


It is an ocean of animation series stuff. Visitors can view their favorite animation series from an extensive database collection of 45,000+ animation series. The platform is open to all visitors without asking for any subscription charges. Create your playlists to watch your favorite content later, so you don’t have to waste time curating the content from search results. If you are looking for any option, Hurawatch Anime-Planet can be a choice.


You can access any video on demand to enjoy your entertainment hours on your devices. The platform receives a lot of attention from visitors for its outstanding content-Animation series, movies, music, drama. Anyone can explore the stuff in their favorite languages from any corner of the world. The website features and content access is available in free and premium purchase to all the viewers, so get it as per your choices.


The website is quite simple, with easy accessibility of features and interface. The minimalist look is excellent and makes it to the list. You have to search for the preferred movies, shows, series, and that will be accessible on any device within a while. The functionality and facilities are similar to Hurawatch, and that’s why it is a versatile Hurawatch alternative.

Master Ani. me

You’ll be satisfied with the selected genres and the content of this website. Everything is available free of cost and in excellent HD image quality. Subtitles are also included for Japanese and English natives. The website contains advertisements, so that’s something visitors don’t like. But overall, it’s a great platform to explore animation series content.

All websites are safe to access but don’t click on advertisements. It is advised to avoid any risks of viruses. Enjoy your favorite movies!

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