Google Pixel 3 With Software Driven Approach For Better Smartphone Photography

Google Pixel 3 With Software Driven Approach For Better Photography

The Google takes an extensive step towards software-defined camera on Pixel 3, preferably than just depend on stable hardware. As stated by Marc Levoy, Distinguished Engineer at Google and presently leading the group responsible for a system like HDR+, portrait mode on the Pixel Phone. The Marc Levoy said that the shift in camera software was throughout rapture of frames, or we called the computational photography. Google is not alone contestant depend on computational photography, Apple also comes with iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

Marc Levoy also explained that we are steps towards machine learning which is going to substitute the traditional algorithm. In machine learning, you have superior training data, which outcomes in good perfection. With the Pixel phone, Google has appeared that smartphone photography does not require plenty of additional hardware in sequence to giving a superior result. The Pixel 3 similar to Pixel 2,  ongoing with a single rear camera which also bears Portrait mode. One night sight mode, Levoy said that the camera captures up to 15 frames after pressed the shutter. However, the night sight also needs a user to be additional immobile shoot a photo. It has also explained that night sight was equitable behind the expansion of the Pixel 3 smartphone. The feature was spun out closely one month after the Google Pixel 3 was launched.

While the software-guide approach has worked for Google in bringing the outstanding result.they are dealing offs. For occurrence, in the Pixel device, the Portrait mode does not have live blur similar to other Smartphone. The leading point when depending on a related software-driven skill for a video was the variety of figuring time-powered required. If a user wants to do these things mainly in the software, then you require computer power.    

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