Google Now Prepared To Give Public “Flood Alert” In India.

Google Now Prepared To Give Public Flood Alert In India

Technology colossus Google climbing up its understanding from a pilot project in Patna to give flood alerts in easy text format to peoples by using experienced machine learning expertise to different parts of the country. The Union Ministry of Water Resources gives all the statistics of river water level to Google to develop such public alerts.

A month after the disastrous Kerala floods, Google provides a set of flood-warning alerts untimely September as a segment of the pilot project in eastern India. However, these alerts concentrated on the place around Patna border the Ghaghara River, California established company now measures it up forward of the monsoon season to protect numerous all parts of the country. India report for 20 percent of flood associated victims globally.

How it will work?

In the pilot, apply in collaboration with the central commision in India, Google appears through public alerts, a map that contains area appoint as high risk, low risk, or medium risk. The pilot can able to use the operational hydro-dynamic module with the direct goal of arranging the ground for combining Machine Learning Models into the operation. Alerts were the dispatch to every single in the catchment place in the formation of maps and Android notification. After the message was sent for alert, this permits us to focus into how people are going to involve and meet the alert have been sent. It is perceived that most of the people prefer the text message to illustrate the paired instruction that the map shows. The machine intelligence group said that this permits us to be comparatively assured that the pilot will also be instructive as we conceive to arrange our effort up.

A Union Minister for Water Resources formerly said the Government ambition the partnership with the Google will assist in flood management efforts. The enterprise with the google could help in calamity management agencies to allocate with utmost hydrological events in a good manner.

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