Google Drive Gets Redesigned On Both Android And iOS Platforms

Google Drive Gets Redesigned On Both Android And iOS Platforms

Google has revealed that Google Drive is the most recent G Suite app, which is getting “another look and feel” with a Material upgrade on both Android and iOS platforms. Material Theme doesn’t simply imply that the application will just get new color and icons, however, it additionally gets another layout. Google Drive is essentially getting a noteworthy navigation update. The company has included highlights like bottom navigation, an extended search panel, and another account switcher.

Google has included another Home tab, which “surface the data most essential to you,” like on the desktop. The tab will surface documents dependent on the last time that you used or altered a file, who files are shared with, and what data is utilized at the specific time of the day, according to the most recent Google blog. Besides, the company has included four areas in the new Google Drive, and one will locate the current “My Drive” view on folders on the right of the “file” tab.

There are two extra tabs, which enables one to check Computer backups and Team Drives. There is Starred and Shared tab which allows faster access to your most useful data. Similarly, the other G Suite applications with the Material update, “a FAB in the base right corner that includes the four-colored ‘+’ symbol gives users a chance to make another Google Doc, Sheets, and Slides, along with folder, upload, or scan, as mentioned by 9to5google.

Google has confirmed in its blog that Android users will get the most recent Google Drive update from beginning from March 18, 2019. Whereas, iOS gadgets have effectively gotten the refresh. The organization unveiled the new format to iOS units on March 12. additionally, Google revealed its Material Theme update for the Gmail application back in January 2019.

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