Dark Mode for Gmail and Google Maps Rolling out For iOS and Android Devices


Google is adding dark mode to two of its applications, Gmail and Google Maps. The organization has started revealing an update that empowers dark mode on both the applications.

Dark mode for Gmail would be accessible on Android and iOS. In any case, the organization educated that clients should be on Android 10 or iOS 11 and later to empower the new UI. For Google Maps, Google prodded the element through its official Android account on Instagram. The video shows Google Maps exchanging between light mode and dark mode.

Dark Mode is accessible on Android 10 and iOS 13 as a matter of course. While Google Maps for Android is affirmed to get the update soon, it is hazy when the iOS applications would get dark mode.

Not long ago, Instagram released dark mode for it’s Android and iOS applications. WhatsApp, as well, is taking a shot at the component which is relied upon to release soon.

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