Bendable Biodegradable Smartphones Could Be A Reality With This Atom-Sized Material

Bendable phone

A team of engineers from Australian National University’s Research School of Engineering successfully created a semiconductor which could make bendable phones a reality. The semiconductor is created from organic as well as inorganic materials which can very efficiently convert electricity into light. This compound is very thin and most of the parts of this semiconductor is Carbon and Hydrogen based. The inorganic compound is not that thick as well, it is made from just two atoms.

This organic-inorganic hybrid structure is very thin and so flexible that it would be perfect for future technologies like bendable phones and display screens. The experiments which were done to test the semiconductor proved that this hybrid semiconductor would be more efficient than the semiconductors made of silicon. This type of semiconductor has the potential to be as powerful as supercomputers. Also, the light emission of this semiconductor is very sharp, which can be very effective for high-resolution displays. This semiconductor was created molecule by molecule and because of its flexibility, they can easily be used for making bendable smartphones.

As the screens continue to increase in size, it is essential to have durable screens to be safe from scratches and breaks. This can also be used in television screens and also gaming systems. The researchers are actually trying to grow the semiconductor component so that it can be commercialized. This type of flexible surface can be used in high-performance electronics. These type of electronics could be biodegradable. Therefore, it will be easy to dispose of these electronics and reduce wastage. This type of semiconductor can be used in future technologies, they will be more environmentally friendly and can be disposed of easily which is inconvenient in the case of other devices currently.

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