Apple Acquired Danish Visual Effects Startup Secretly – Spektral

Apple Acquired Danish Visual Effects Startup Secretly - Spektral

The leading American multinational technology company, Apple always acquires something unique and innovative with the strategic plan and always be the top of the latest news across the globe.

As per the Danish newspaper “BØRSEN”, last year in December, Apple occupied “SPEKTRAL” for over $30 million, which is based on Copenhagen-based Danish startup company in a very confidentially manner. It didn’t disclose in the time of purchasing. This spectral is based on the computer visual effects and the latest Machin learning techniques.

This Spektral got its start by developing a software with a technique called “CUTOUT”, that allowed photographers to digitally pluck an individual down to the stray hairs from one green screen such as background and plunk them down in front of another. Now, this technique is called “CLOUD CUTOUT”. It provides a path to do same in the digital cloud, photographers once did by hand with film and later did by mouse in photo editing software.

On the smartphone, when the computing power of latest Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is mixed with spectral graph theory and neural networks then the device can automatically detect images and video from the camera in real-time and it’s about 60 fps (frames per seconds).

The main reason behind taking this step is, Apple is going to invest in Augmented Reality (AR). Apple wants to increase the features of AR for facetime and emoji and according to the Verge report.

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