Google Offers Money to Universities to use AI related ideas

Google Offers $25 Million To Universities To Use Artificial Intelligence To Scale Up Research

A six-month Impact Challenge was launched by the company and the research partners from all around the world are called. Read more »
Parker Solar Probe to land on Sun

NASA Spacecraft Sets Record For The Closest Approach To Sun

As confirmed by the scientists, the Spacecraft has exceeded the current record of 26.55 million miles from the surface of the Sun. Read more »
OnePlus 5G Phone 2019

OnePlus 5G Phone To Launch In The First Half Of The Year 2019 Says CEO Pete Lau

Not only OnePlus, Samsung and Huawei also have plans to release new 5G capable devices next year. Read more »
Novel Tool To keep a check on Misuse of Facebook and twitter

Novel Tool Can Now Monitor Fake News On Facebook And Twitter

The tool helps in checking if the URL is one a questionable source or on a reliable source. Read more »
Samsung S9 Android Pie Beta

Samsung Gets A ‘Floating Keyboard’ Update On Android Pie Beta

Also, it is possible that Samsung makes the layout of the keyboard much simpler offering more emojis and an improved toolbar. Read more »
Zenfone 6 prototype images leaked

Asus Zenfone 6 Prototype Images Leaked, Unveil In-display Front Camera

One of the Zenfone 6 prototypes appear to have metal casings and one of these has a triple rear camera configuration. Read more »
tesla autopilot on navigation feature

Tesla Is Rolling Out Its Autopilot Drive On Navigation Feature

The blog post shared by the company revealed that the feature would begin to roll out this week to the customers from the United States. Read more »
Waymo Self driving car

Alphabet’s Waymo Begins Testing Price It’s Robo-taxi Service

Waymo recently launched a public transit program which involves delivering people to bus stations. Read more »
Apple iPad 30 October Launch

What To Expect From Apple’s iPad Event On October 30

There are rumours about the launch of MacBook Air Refresh with a retina display on the October 30 event. Read more »
Lenovo Z5 Pro Launch On November 1st

Lenovo Z5 Pro With A Camera Slider And In-Screen Fingerprint To Launch On November 1

The CEO of the company confirmed that Z5 Pro will come with an In-display fingerprint sensor. Read more »
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